Classic Neighborhood

The sessions in the Classic Neighborhood will focus on processes and features within the current desktop suite.

Classic Neighborhood

All Sides Being Equal

The first thing you learn in accounting is that the left side must always equal the right side. In the food bank world, there is the added wrinkle of keeping inventory balanced with AR GL accounts. Join Pete as he highlights key reports you can use and processes that you can follow to ensure all sides remain equal.

Building a Community

Agencies are a key part of each food bank’s community. To help build those relationships, there are a myriad of ways within Primarius to manage interactions with your agencies. Join Matt as he shows you how best to utilize these ways to help build stronger relationships with your agencies.

Elevating Your Fundraising

Nothing happens without funding. To help maximize your fundraising efforts, Mike will walk you through the process of extracting data out of Donor Vantage. He will review how various setup options impact the data extraction. Also, some time will be devoted to ensuring you are utilizing the processes and features available in the most efficient means possible.

Feeding Initiatives

Each food bank has their internal programs that they run, such as Backpack Programs or Mobile Pantries. Join Pete and your fellow attendees as they share the different programs they run and how they utilize the features in Primarius to ensure the success of these initiatives.

Performing the Box Step(s)

Before you can process orders, inventory needs to be received and processed. Nelson will walk you through the steps that a pallet of inventory takes, from the initial receipt to processing to storing properly the product within your warehouse. He will explain the different types of receipts and how they impact those steps.

Reducing Sticker Shock

Primarius offers numerous ways to record the value of a product and to set a corresponding price. Patty will walk you through different pricing strategies you can employ that enables you to set costs and service fees easily. She’ll also review how different inventory actions impact pricing.

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Thinking Outside the Banana Box

With Primarius, you can configure rules, like pricing, that impact all agencies equally. While this may cover most scenarios, there are always situations that don’t fit neatly in a box. Sheri will show you how to utilize the features in agency maintenance to customize the pricing, reporting, and ordering for individual agencies.