Online Neighborhood

The sessions in the Online Neighborhood will center on the new functionality and improvements in P2.


Accessible Data Analytics

One of the keys to running a successful organization is making informed decisions. In this session, Patty will showcase P2’s drag-n-drop report designer. This enables you to create your own reports that displays the information you need in order to make the best decisions for your food bank.

Green Beans on the Move!

Product can be moved throughout a food bank in several ways. Whether it be an agency placing an order or you moving product between your warehouses, Sheri will show you how product movement flows through P2. This session also will highlight improvements made to the food bank order processing.

Helping Those in Service

One of the key features added to P2 is a client-services component. This feature helps your agencies collect and record information about the clients that they serve. Join Rich as he showcases this aspect as well as other new features included in P2’s agency portal.

Moving into the Community

Transitioning to a new software system has it challenges. Join us for this session as Rich discusses the processes of converting from the current desktop application to P2. This session will review both the ease and difficulties of the conversion process and how to best prepare your food bank to make it as seamless a move as possible.

The Next Block Over

Even though it may be live, software is never truly “done.” There are always changes to be made to any system. In this session, Rich will discuss the current development schedule for P2 as well as highlighting the future direction of P2 and key features they will look to add as they move down the road.

Reconciling Today’s Accounting Solutions

There are a host of accounting software solutions on the market today. Rich and Bill will discuss the available options – such as the popular QuickBooks and Sage Intacct – and how P2 will integrate with them. They will also review how P2 will continue to support the current desktop accounting suite.

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The Warehouse Watch

The redesigned Bar Code Module makes it even easier for you to watch over your warehouse inventory. Matt will walk you through some of the new features implemented in the new bar code system - such as the real-time replenishment queue - which makes it an even more powerful tool for keeping track of your inventory.