primarius user group

The 2018 PUG (Primarius User Group) was held in Erie, Pennsylvania at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel on September 17th, 18th and 19th. #2018pug

PUG 2018


The 2018 PUG had two groups of classes, what we called “neighborhoods.“

The Classic Neighborhood focused on processes and features within the current desktop application suite. Meanwhile, the Online Neighborhood centered on the new functionality and improvements in P2.

Attendees were free to move between the different neighborhoods, attending the sessions they found most appealing.

Classic NeighborhoodClassic NeighborhoodView Sessions

Online NeighborhoodOnline NeighborhoodView Sessions


Fifo PUG

Our adorable PUG mascot has been around for several years now as the face of the Primarius Users Group meeting. Only now does he finally have a name.

A vote was held at the #2018pug between Primo, Oats, Fifo, and Bandit. With 50% of the votes, our lovable, little mascot became First In our hearts and First Out of the pound. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most-recently named member of the Primarius team - Fifo!

Thanks to everyone who suggested names through social media as well as the GuideBook app. And a special thanks to all the attendees who helped us to #nameourpug. It is because of you we were able to name him and, perhaps most importantly, finally put a smile on his face.